Affordable Planets

Offer a planet to a person you wish to not see for a while! Get a Planet to the partner you wish to be alone with! Buy yourself a Planet and keep it all for yourself! Each and every Affordable Planet measures about 10x10cm, is made of ceramic and glazed and fired at 1100°C in… Continue reading Affordable Planets

The White Flowers

I am proudly collaborating with the Pandora Ceramic Association which has been working for years to protect and promote charity events for women and against all forms of violence. In coincidence with Maters International Ceramic Festival 2018 in Cava de' Tirreni in Italy, I've participated in campaign launched to raise awareness and collect funds for… Continue reading The White Flowers


  LONG STORY SHORT     Ceramic material is related both with the hand’s movements and with scientific development, within the analysis of clay and silica based materials I am tracing a line which connects prehistory and present time. My research starts from the territory it self in the closest observation that bare eye allows… Continue reading METAMORPHOSIS AND RUST


It happens sometimes to dig in water. There is a song, among many, in Capoeira Angola which is a poem and after this poem I made a lamp. I shaped the stoneware, I opened holes, light is a like a sound, it shall move in lamps as sound moves in instruments. I signed traces of creatures and… Continue reading AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA


The above picture is from one of my diaries, the below paper is an extract from one of the semester papers  I write for my PhD.   Whoever produces kitsch . . . is not to be evaluated by aesthetic measures but is ethically depraved; he is a criminal who wills radical evil. Hermann Broch,… Continue reading ANTAGONIST OF A PRIMITIVE #1


Rutile ,TiO2, gets its name from the Latin rutilus, a pointer to its common color propensity. Its crystals vary from mirror-like lustrous to dark red sub-metallic to brilliant golden-yellow needles. Its big thick crystals have reddish brown or black color while thin crystal or inclusions possess  a rusty yellow hue. What's even more interesting is it's… Continue reading BLACK SAND


"Ramina" is what we name it in center Italy, the traditional glaze, the one that was used to mark vases. Marks were made to recognize their destination, Appignà, Recanti, Montefà, before loading them on a chariot. The old age of fifty years ago when water wasn't arrived yet. Water was not in houses, it was running but… Continue reading VARIATION IN CuSO4, COPPER SULFATE